Loving School

We have always been a little different from the norm, but I don’t have to tell you that. I mean who really takes their 2 children, under age 2, sells almost everything they own, packs up the rest in the back of their truck and moves to a small town in Mexico just because God told them to.?.? So it wasn’t really a surprise that we didn’t fit the “missionary norm” either. Everybody knows that missionary kids=homeschool. We, however, figured it was good for our children to be a part of the culture, learn the language and make friendships with the locals, so instead of homeschooling we sent them to public school. (After all, I was a public school teacher and so were my parents.) Until 3 years ago we endured the strange looks from other missionaries when they discovered our deep dark secret. Then we found ourselves in a place where homeschooling became a necessity. We set out to find the best educational program, providing structure, professionalism and, of course, quality education. For two long years we dredged through the 24/7 school work, trying desperately just to get through the scheduled assignments, without going stir crazy. But it didn’t take long before cabin fever set-in. And finally our grand experiment worked! We have determined that in fact, homeschooling is NOT for us. So this year we are ALL pleased to announce that all 4 girls are wrapping up their 1st year back to school and Loving’ it! (We are too, by the way.)

One thought on “Loving School

  1. Walt Heine says:

    Who else? People that are about to retire and spend a relaxing rest of their lives that give all that up just to work their “heine’s” off because God told them to, that’s who. Hawaii would have been so relaxing…….

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