Celebrating 11 Years living in Mexico

It seems like a lifetime ago when we packed up our little green truck and made the 6 day drive to Ixtlahuacan de Los Membrillos, Jalisco, Mexico. When we could not speak nor understand Spanish. When we were unable to effectively communicate with our neighbors and struggled just to make simple purchases in town. Directions were impossible to follow and with cultural differences our common sense was put to the test on a daily basis. We have now lived here so long that what used to seem strange is now the norm and what, eleven years later, is American norm, is completely foreign to us. We have missed out on fashion and more than a decade of pop culture. There are musicians, TV shows and actors we have never heard of; and I know that if Trivial Pursuit still exists, you would not want us on your team. But we have had the blessing of expanding our worldview and sharing Jesus with those around us in ways that seem improbable, perhaps unrealistic to others. We have survived times that we didn’t know if we would be able to endure the hardships before us. And we have come through amazed and grateful for the life that we get to live, the God that we have the privilege to serve and the children who have benefited and now have a Hope of a Better Future, because of our faithfulness and yours. And so we say “Thank You! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are grateful for your prayers, encouragement and financial support without which we could not celebrate 11 years as full-time Missionaries in Mexico.”

One thought on “Celebrating 11 Years living in Mexico

  1. Nicole says:

    So glad all is well and the girls are back in school. Proud of you and Rodster hanging in there and making a difference in so many people’s lives!!! You all are always in my prayers. Much love!!

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