Blue Eyes


“Can you take off your glasses? We want to see your eyes, we have never seen blue eyes before.”

I had fallen face down on my air mattress, exhausted and sick. The past two days had been more than long, starting with a 5 1/2 hour school bus ride we arrived at the coastal town on Corozal. We spent two days sharing with the community and church there: going to sleep late, waking before the sun and the few hours in between were usually spent interceding for the group, town and church. I would go to sleep around 12:30am and wake at 1:15 with the urgency to pray. I would fall asleep around 3:00am and be waken again at 3:30am fully awake and with that deep deep need to pray.

While there we never quite knew where we were. And the fact that the sun began to rise at 5:00am and it was completely dark outside by 7:00pm aided to my state of confusion. The drinking water supply had ran out shortly after our arrival and the food was scarce and consisted of mostly rice, which didn’t do much for my energy level. And after another 2 hour bus ride we arrived at the end of the earth.

I kid you not, I was convinced we had driven to the edge of the world. Literally, our bus drove to the edge of the pavement and then took a right on a small dirt road. The dirt road grew smaller and smaller as the swamp closed in on both sides. Houses stood completely surrounded by water and naked children stared as we passed.

When the bus finally stopped I wasn’t sure I wanted to disembark, but then, I knew there was no way I could sit folded in the school bus for another minute. I took one look at the shack which was to be our home for the next three days and glanced back at the bus, wondering which of the two would be the lesser evil. (I wasn’t sure.) When lunch was served from the dirty kitchen I could feel my blood sugar drop. Oh no! I was not doing well.

The team went somewhere to minister and I stayed behind with a few others, glad that I had lugged that air mattress all over Honduras. Thank God there was power and with a touch of a button, voila, instant bed. The shack was a perfect place to collapse for a few hours. So there I was, disoriented, sick and face down on that $15 piece of luxury from Wal-Mart.

It didn’t take long for them to find me! About six children climbed up and plopped down all around me. Intrigued by the white, blue eyed specimen which had rode in on the yellow school bus that afternoon.