Heart of the Great Shepherd


I love this picture!

To me it captures the essence of our ministry, Shepherd’s Heart. The Father’s love for His children. The healing that comes from knowing that love. Godly compassion overflowing from our hearts and becoming joy in the hearts of those around us.

I remember clearly, many years ago God spoke to my heart. “Kina, you are virtually a stay at home Mom and yet you are missing your kids lives. You are so busy working “for me” that you are missing what is truly important.” At that time the local church was meeting 3 times a week in our home, we hosted a once a week neighborhood kid’s Bible club in our back yard, a by-weekly food distribution and assisted with emergency medical care to the less fortunate. “How could I be missing what is truly important?”, I thought.

God always has a way of cutting through all the details to get right to the heart of the matter. “If you win all of Mexico for My Name and you save all sorts of lost children, yet you neglect your marriage & family, and your daughters resent me because “my work” kept you from them…..then you have failed. You MUST show them my love first, minister to your husband first, next your daughters and from that love allow my compassion to overflow to those around you.

I won’t lie, this paradigm shift has not come easily. I still have difficulty really engaging with those around me. It is so much easier to read my Bible, to pray, to make grocery list then go shopping (by myself), it is even sometimes easier to go to the Hope House, slip in under the “kid radar” and go straight to the kitchen for a staff meeting with the cooks. But step by step, day by day I am being transformed into His Image. Giving more of myself to those who are truly dear to me, carving time out of “MY” schedule, & “MY” day to make it “OUR” schedule and “OUR” day.

Isn’t that what life is about? Living life together, enjoying God together, ministering to one another’s needs. Showing compassion. Expressing love. Seeking God’s Heart and then allowing His love to flow from our hearts to those around us.

I want my life & heart to represent the Great Shepherd’s Heart, after all the only things I can take with me into eternity are the ones I love.

The Blond Enigma


I first saw her walking down the street. Her waist length blond hair tied in a single braid, swayed as she walked. Her crystal blue eyes glistened in the morning sunshine. She was a blond enigma. Her features identified her as an American, or at least excluded her from being a Mexican. However, her mannerisms were completely Hispanic in nature. The way she dressed, interacted with the people on the street, her hand gestures, everything about her captivated my attention. Who was this woman, from where did she come, why was she here? Questions that later were answered by a formal introduction. Her name was Lucy: daughter of American Missionaries to Mexico. Born in the states but raised in a culture not her own. She lived in a mysterious sub-culture. She was a MK (Missionary Kid).

I haven’t seen Lucy in many years and yet The Blond Enigma lives on. I see her every morning. Her blond curls “give away” her identity and her light green eyes elude to her non-hispanic heritage. And yet her mannerisms would not be found in an American middle school. Her name is Genesis.

I remember the first time I met her. A baby, she entered this world with the same quiet nature which she lives it today. She was born in Tennessee, but since then, has celebrated every birthday on Mexican soil. Genesis is an American by birth and a Mexican at heart. This week we celebrated her twelfth birthday. Twelve years- they seem like an eternity and an instant all rolled into one package. Wow, how time flies!

Now- she knows The Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and the first and second verses of the Star-Spangled Banner, but at age three she could sing the entire Mexican national anthem by heart. Our song bird also knows a ton of Mexican folk songs and just this year started dancing on a Mexican folk dancing team.

It is something very interesting to behold, watching your children grow up in another culture. So today I write a tribute to our oldest MK, Miss Genesis our Blond Enigma.

Such a joy, such a blessing…Happy Birthday baby girl.