Facing the World Head-On


Five years ago today the littlest Dutro was born. I was 41 weeks pregnant without a sign of a delivery: big, hot and miserable. Since I was overdue, in the afternoon I went for an ultrasound. Looking at the technician’s face I knew something was not right. You see for weeks I had been claiming that I could feel the baby’s head in my lower ribcage. And sure enough when he turned the screen around Baby Eden was sitting upright with her legs tucked under her. She was very still, with her head turned slightly to the left. Coming up from her abdomen and swirling around her neck two times was the umbilical cord. I will never forget seeing the red and blue swirls of color winding around her. It was a frightful moment. Within 30 mins we were on our way to Guadalajara for a non-emergency C-section. (At least that is what my doctor called it. I however, thought it was quite the emergency.) Within a few short hours our little cherub was born.

Eden Moriah is a blessing to our lives and family. She is sharp as a tack, I often forget how little she is. She has a vocabulary as big as some adults that I know and she knows just how to use each word. She is ultra practical but has such compassion for other children. She has been a joy to get to know, I can’t wait to see what God has planned for this little girl who was content to be different, who from the beginning was sitting up and facing the world head on.

Happy Birthday little girl, you are so priceless! And I am blessed to be your Mommy.

3 thoughts on “Facing the World Head-On

  1. Nicole says:

    Precious!! Love you~ hope all is well. We are doing great! Baseball and football , but loving my summer!!

  2. Dr. Elaine says:

    Happy Birthday Eden. You have an awesome
    Day. Blessings to overwhelm you.
    Hope to see u in person one day. Kiss your
    Daddy and mommy for me too

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