The Daily Grind

Blogging is a bit more difficult than I imagined. At first I had several ideas and then for the last 2 weeks, although I have had some noteworthy tidbits to share, inspiration for writing has been minimal. I would say that is mostly due to the fact that we are trying to finish up the homeschooling year.
I was hoping to be finished with school before our June outreach team arrives on the 9th….looks like we will actually be finished the week after. Not bad for a year filled with lots of unexpected events.
January started off with a major surgery in our family, followed by my Grandmother’s death. Mixed in with the unexpected was the normal workload of living overseas as a missionary. Hosting outreach teams, dealing with the day to day of having a boys home, six Mexican visas to renew and two renewed US passports. Not to mention the little girls’ Mexican passport renewal which is waiting on some special changes to be made to their Mexican birth certificates (I have been working on this one for 4 years.) Add a dash of general cartel related violence and a few major brush/forest fires and you have the first part of 2012. Needless to say 2012 has been busier than I would have liked. So….for the last few weeks we have been focusing heavily on finishing the school year.

During these two weeks there have been 2 neat things that have happened.
1) The Hope House has finally received its official recognition from IJAS the Governing body of Civil Associations in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. With this recognition Hope House can begin the process to issue tax-deductible receipts in Mexico and then later the United States. (I guess I am in shock and it hasn’t really “hit” me yet. You see, we have been working on this recognition since 2004, when the Hope House was only a dream.)
2)Ten years ago Friday June 1, we crossed the border into Mexico as full-time missionaries. Memories of our lives before that day seem distant and faded. A lot has happened in the last 10 years, one thing is sure, we are blessed to have been called here and honored to be a part of His plan in this land “South of the Border”.

So today, I sit and write, taking a breather and preparing my heart for the upcoming week. School, school and more school. Mixed in with, did I mention school, we have several preparations for the outreach team which arrives on Saturday.

While the team is here we will take a break from school. We will focus on working, serving and translating. All of our girls are fully bi-lingual and will be translators for the group as they share their lives with us. Together working and sharing the love of Jesus with the boys & staff at the Hope House. We’ll paint, clean and work while life stands still for eight days. Eight life-changing days. Hearts are touched and fused together.
It is an amazing thing that happens when two cultures merge untied by the love of Christ. It will be a welcome change to the school routine, that is for sure and a bit of a let down when everyone leaves and we are back to the grind.

Thank you all for being a part of our lives. Supporting us while we live & serve here, encouraging us to keep going when times have been difficult and helping us see the light at the end of the tunnel when life seems mundane. Thanks to those of you who have come here to experience life with us first hand and for helping to make God’s vision of saving children a reality. We thank you and pray God’s blessings upon you all.
Until next time….

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