Welcome Home


Antonio and Brandon

As I walked in the dining hall at Hope House last Friday, I had to chuckle. God always knows the future and often He tries to prepare us for what is about to come. There sitting at the table were 3 little boys. Brothers, they looked to be about one to five years old. So small!!!……later I found out that the oldest was actually eight and the one who looked to be four, was actually six. But that didn’t change the fact that that the smallest was under two years old, and he was sitting in the dining hall of Hope House. Up to this point our youngest boy has been 6 years old.

The boys arrived on Thursday to the Public Ministry office in Ixtlahuacan trailing behind their parents who were handcuffed together and headed for jail. Their crime, I do not know. The director of Public Ministry had asked our Director Jorge, if we would keep the boys until Monday, just to give the government workers time to try and find a place for them to live.

So now they sit at our table…..what will we do? How will we respond? I look more closely at them and notice their clothes are hanging off of them. We don’t even have clothes to fit them. No clothes, not baby formula, certainly no diapers, nor a bottle, crib, car seat. Oh my, what will we do?

(I mentioned I chuckled when I saw the boys, well I laughed because about 6 months ago we were seeking Gods direction for the ministry. As I was praying, in my mind I saw a room at Hope House filled with little boys. Upon sharing my “vision” with the board and staff, the responses were unified….”We aren’t ready! That is a whole new ball game! That will take more staff and more money! Oh My, we just can’t…..can’t even think about it, at least not now!”)

A bit later on Friday, Brandon, the baby began to cry. I picked him up and gave him my best mom hug. I rocked and shushed, to no avail. “Hermana, give him to Luis”, his brother. “He is the only one who can comfort him.” I knealt down and handed the baby to Luis, who can’t even be 3 feet tall. He snuggled his brother on his shoulder, how only a seasoned Mom can, and began to rock him and talk to him softly. Instantly he quietened and quickly fell asleep.

You see Luis, has been mother and father to both of his younger brothers. A boy of eight, filled with such compassion he walked the streets looking for food for his brothers when their parents we unavailable. He wakes in the night to, comfort the crying baby when no one else is there to comfort him.

I look around the group of staff standing there, all eyes wet with tears and there was no need to ask Anything all that we needed to say was………Welcome Home!

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